"I started training with John in May of 2010. I thought I was in pretty good physical condition, however, I did not realize my full potential.

My weight went from 182lbs, 17.6% body fat to 171lbs, 9.5% body fat in less than 3 months. My peak was 180lbs, 10.5% body fat. Quite a transformation! I have been able to maintain my weight and body fat around 11% - 12% which are much healthier levels.

I have used trainers in the past, however, what is different and what I like about John is his holistic approach. He consistently works with you, educates you on diet, exercise, and keeping a work/life balance.

He always knows exactly how hard to push you. I like that fact that Iíve been given the tools to maintain this level of fitness when I am unable to train with John.

Last, I donít always eat completely healthy, nor am I expected to. It is all about the balance, which John helps you achieve. The results are amazing!"

Allen P.
Age: 42